Piano Day 2023 – Thilo von Westernhagen

hi piano-lovers! i assume, that very few of you will have ever heard of thilo von westernhagen. he was a german composer and piano player with moderate success in the 80’s.
he was very much influenced by keith jarrett – and i was very much influenced by him. i just loved the way he created moods of all kind with his unique playing, and still do. one day i surfed his website and saw, that he was selling his entire catalogue on CD online. so i bought everything, that was available. i got no response. i tried again 14 days later with no response either. i googled him and found out: he died the day before my first order, on jan 11th, 2014. i sat down at my piano and improvised a piece in the style of TvW – well, not really, but i tried.
for this years piano-day i am posting this “RIP – TvW” piece, that i recorded as a farewell to my personal piano-idol. hope you like it!